Do you want an average marriage? (hint, half of all average marriages end in divorce)

Have an amazing marriage!

Premarital Coaching and Marriage Coaching
Pre-marital coach marriage coaching

Don't get Premarital Counseling,
Get Premarital COACHING!

Counseling is healing from past issues so it makes no sense to get premarital counseling. Why dwell on things you cannot change? Premarital coaching helps you think about, and work toward, the amazing tomorrow of your marriage. Start with a solid foundation prior to your marriage

Do you need a Premarital Coach?

No, of course you don't. You also don't need practice to ride a motorcycle or fly a plane, but it is highly recommended. Think about it, if done right, your marriage will last longer than almost anything else you do in life.

What happens during premarital coaching?

Our premarital coaching consists of 6 sessions; either one a week or one every other week, depending on how busy you are. We will meet with you over video-conferencing, the telephone, or in person (in select areas of Western Washington). Each session works on a specific area of your future. Both you and your future spouse will know each other in ways that will not only draw you closer to each other now, but prepare you for an enjoyable life with each other.

Our coaching sessions help you with:

  • Knowing each other in a more intimate (even that way!) way.
  • Understanding how each of you looks at finances.
  • Seeing what you want for your lives in a specific way.
  • Having a better understanding of gender and sexual response issues.
  • Decision making, problem resolution, and conflict management.

Marriage Coaching

If your marriage is on the rocks, and you are thinking of divorce, find an excellent counselor. You need to heal from the past before you work on your amazing tomorrow. Once counseling becomes effective (you do not have to complete counseling before finding a marriage coach), and you are ready to take your marriage from average to amazing, contact us right away!

NOTE: We are happy to provide pre-marital coaching and marriage coaching to anyone who desires it and signs up, but all pre-marital/marriage coaching is based off the Holy Bible and Biblical principles. We only provide Christian pre-marital/marriage coaching.