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In today's society the family and friends network is often very weak or even non-existent It is sometimes difficult to find the help and support you need That leaves a big gap for the everyday man and woman to seek some private time to explore ways of achieving at a greater level, reducing stress levels and generally enjoying life more. This is where life coaching can come in.

Life coaches can offer guidance towards better life fulfillment. They can be a catalyst for change.

Change that can bring about higher self esteem, greater confidence, empowerment and fresh ways of thinking. A life coach can help you to focus on what you want out of life and what you want to achieve. Coaching brings about greater contentment, more creative thinking, a better life balance, increased motivation, direction and a better structured life. Coaching can make you happier! It can focus your mind on the goals you want to achieve It can help you have more belief in yourself.

Life coaching used to be something for senior executives or board members of global companies But no longer! Life coaching is alive and well in your town right now. Coaches offer a place to go and share private thoughts and fears. How often do people think that there is no-one to talk to or share a problem with - even if they have friends and family around them? Often friends and family are not the best option because they do not provide the independence and clarity of thinking that a life coach can offer. Time with a coach is a bit like time with a mirror. They do not offer specific advice, they are there to bounce ideas and thoughts off of and who can ask questions to get you thinking in the right direction.

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Time with a life coach is very personal and private time and how often do we get a chance for that in this day and age?

Not very much! It is for these very reasons that life coaching is becoming very much an everyday part of many people's lives But what types of issues can life coaches help with? In the very least they offer you someone who will listen with an active ear. Very often this is the most valuable thing a coach can offer. Someone who can devote thirty minutes or an hour of their time to listen to your concerns and troubles, and ask probing questions to help you overcome them. This is often enough to make people feel much better. So a listening ear is probably the most valuable thing a life coach can offer. Just to be clear they cannot of course give help to those with medical conditions or more serious issues like depression - for this type of help a doctor is necessary


So how do you pick the right life coach?

Find a life coach that has certificates with a well known organization (a degree in life coaching may be even better, but people with life coaching degrees are rare). That way you will know that they are good. You could also find out if friends have seen a life coach. If you don't know anyone who has visited a life coach take a look through your local paper or even do a search on the Internet for life coaches in your area Once you have details book a session and see how it goes. You have no obligation to go back if it does not work out.

Of course, at MyCoach.Life the first strategy session is free, so you have nothing to lose.

Once you find a coach you can really relate to and who offers you what you are looking for then you should really start to see the benefits. It's at this point you can start talking to your friends and telling them how great life coaching can be.

Give it a go - you might be surprised at what it can do for you!