Dr. Ty Belknap: Keynote Speaker, Public Speaker

Need a dynamic & engaging speaker for your upcoming event?

Dr. Ty Belknap is a leading authority on leadership and business development trends including vision casting, employee/management buy-in, as well as Internet marketing and social media. He has lectured at numerous venues in front of audiences ranging from teenagers to executive management. He has spoken about business trends, technology and digital marketing at to many groups.

An effective speech should act as a catalyst for change, and Ty is passionate about that objective. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic opening keynote for an audience or a facilitator for an executive strategy session, Ty’s global perspective and entrepreneurial mindset will inspire disruptive thinking and business transformation within your audience.

Keynote Speaker Tacoma Seattle Dr. Ty Belknap

Talking Topics and Titles

Business / Leadership

Dr. Ty’s pioneering work in leadership development has served as a design model for many in business and education. He is in demand as a leader and speaker in the field, especially showing how to make adversity work as a business-generating opportunity. His speeches and workshops can be tailored specifically to address the areas of:

  • Envisioning Opportunity
  • Business Management
  • Target Marketing
  • Leadership Development
  • Working with / in Teams
  • Expecting Change
  • Embracing Conflict
  • And More

"It's time to create your amazing tomorrow"

Selecting the RIGHT Keynote Speaker – Qualities to Look For

Whether you need a motivational, sales, customer service, or leadership keynote speaker, your job will be easier, your level of stress will be lower, and your level of confidence will much higher if your speaker has the following qualities:

  •  Credibility – Highly experienced.
  •  Low maintenance, humble, easy to work with – “It’s not about them. It’s about YOU and your audience, and getting results.”
  •  Interpersonal skills – Is likable and can relate to the audience.
  •  Organized – pays attention to detail.
  •  Considerate – Keeps you informed so you don’t have to worry about how they are progressing with your program development.
  •  Punctual -Arrives 90 minutes before their presentation start to time test the AV.
  •  Helpful – Helps you in every aspect of your event.


Ty Belknap is readily available to speak in the following locations

All of Western Washington including, but not limited to: Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Tacoma, Federal Way, Renton, Kent, Auburn, Olympia.

Please contact us if your location is outside this area to discuss details.